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Supervised Agricultural Experiences (SAE)

Supervised Agricultural Experiences (SAEs)

The Supervised Agricultural Experience Program is education. It is hands-on, real-life agricultural career preparation experiences tied to agricultural science curriculum, student aptitudes, interests and career and educational goals and to the agricultural industry. It ties together the entire agricultural education experience. Each agricultural education should have an SAE that is documented in an approved recordbook.
Types of SAE Programs

SAE’s are also entrepreneurial projects but focus on agricultural sales, services or other entrepreneurial endeavors. Horticultural production enterprises also fall under agribusiness.

Members whose SAE is employment should apply in the placement division. This includes work-based learning.  In the past, work-based learning were termed as agribusiness, but agribusiness must be an entrepreneurial enterprise as described above. 

SAE's can be placement, entrepreneurial or experimental.  In general, agri-science SAEP’s are those student programs which are aimed at developing higher order scientific knowledge and skills.

Record Book

Year-end SAE Report
A writing exercise to be completed when closing a record book at the end of the reporting period.  When completed in detail at the end of each year and filed in the record book, this document should provide ample information for the completion of proficiency applications and star batteries.
SAE Documentation Procedures
Texas Education Agency minimum standards for documenting Supervised Experience Program hours for class credit.

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